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Step 1 - Start with single vegetables

Step 1 is about giving your baby a taste for veg – it might be a challenge, and it probably won’t be love at first bite, but keep going and they’ll learn to love veggies for life.

Start with single savoury flavours and try to avoid sweeter veggies by sticking to things like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and peas.

Love veggies for life

Loving veggies for life!

Research has shown that giving your baby more veg flavours rather than sweet tastes can really help to shape their preferences, and teach them to love veggies for life. Although babies naturally love sweet tastes, getting them used to simple, single vegetable flavours now can train their taste buds to enjoy these foods in later life. For step one, remember to start with a single veggie, then vary with different single veggies!


  • Give lots of smiles – if you’re happy, your baby’s happy!
  • Begin weaning at home, or somewhere they know well
  • Make sure there aren’t too many distractions
  • Let them play with their food and/or spoon
  • Keep trying – it can take 8-10 tries for your baby to like a new flavour



  • Attempt weaning before 17 weeks*
  • Leave your baby alone when feeding
  • Pick a time when your baby’s too tired, too full – or too hungry!
  • Add salt or sugar to foods
  • Offer sweet tastes, like fruit, too early as it’ll make it harder for them to learn to love vegetables

*The Department of Health recommend that weaning starts at around 6 months. If you think your little one is ready earlier, talk to your GP or health visitor.

My shopping list

To make things easy-peasy, here’s a list of all the food you need for step 1. Use this to add to your shopping list.

  • Cauliflower florets
  • 1 medium carrot
  • 1 pack of baby rice
  • 1 small head of broccoli
  • Frozen peas
step 1 shopping list step 1 shopping list

Learning how to eat

Eating is such a new experience for your baby, so don’t be surprised if the first few spoonfuls come straight back out again! Until now, your baby has just been used to pushing their tongue forward to suck milk. Now they need to figure out how to use their tongue to move food to the back of their mouth. Follow your baby’s lead, if your baby spits everything out on the first few attempts, they may not be quite ready yet, so wait a week or so and try again.

Ready for step 2?

Your baby is enjoying a few simple veggie flavours!

Well done! You're now ready to move to step 2 in the 5 step weaning plan, which will help you introduce a whole world of new tastes and textures.

Texture Time

As your little one gets used to veggie tastes, add some baby rice for an exciting texture!

See the range
baby rice

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