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Foods from 4-6 months

At around 6 months your little one may be showing signs that they are ready to accept solid foods. Every baby is different and will be ready at different times, but solid foods should not be introduced before 17 weeks (4 months).

Baby foods from 4-6 months

When they are ready, introducing solid foods will help your little one learn new tastes and textures and provide the extra nutrients they need to grow. Introducing their tiny taste buds to veggies first can benefit their health in the long term. So it’s worth starting there! For more tips and advice, see our 5 Step Weaning Plan. Then give our delicious range for babies aged 4-6 months a go!


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Breakfast cereals from 4-6 months

Lunches and dinners

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Meals with chicken

Baby meals with chicken

Meals with meat

Baby meals with meat

Meals with vegetables

Baby meals with vegetables


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Friends fruit pouches

Friends fruit

Dairy desserts

Baby dairy desserts

Fruity desserts in jars

Fruity desserts in jars

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5 step weaning plan

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From first spoonfuls to three meals a day, our easy-to-follow guide will help you on your way!

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