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Getting your little one to love veggies can be tricky at first. So help them start a life-long friendship with vegetables with our tried-and-tested Start, Vary, Repeat approach to weaning and new range of savoury vegetable pouches.

Start with a single veggie

Start with a few spoonfuls of a single veg when starting weaning. Don't worry if it's not love at first bite – stick with the veg and before long you'll see the friendship blossom. Now let’s VARY

Vary with different single veggies

Offering a variety of veg during the early stages of weaning can have a positive impact on your baby's acceptance of vegetables in the future – even ones they haven't tried before! Now lets REPEAT

Repeat with the same veggie flavours in exciting new combinations

To make things more interesting for both of you, try introducing some exciting new combinations! Remember, it can take up to 10 tries before your little one happily tucks into their veggies.

Friends pouches

The simple way to introduce your baby to veggies

From first spoonfuls to friends forever, the new Friends range of steam‐cooked pouches helps make loving veggies simple. You won’t find any fruit to hide the taste of veg, just savoury flavours that will help you introduce your little one to vegetables and start a friendship that will last a lifetime.

  • No hiding veggie flavours with fruit
  • A range that takes your little one from single flavours to exciting combinations
  • Developed with 110 years of baby-feeding passion and expertise


The Range

The range steps

First Spoonful*

First Spoonful*

Start your little one off with these pure single veggies – no hiding the flavours with fruit. Remember, we also have a starter pack which includes all 4 pouches!

*The Department of Health recommend starting weaning at around 6 months. If you think your little one is ready earlier then you can always talk with your GP or Health Visitor.

Friends first spoonfuls



Once your baby has ventured into their first tastes of veg, they'll be ready to try out combinations.

Friends discoverer



From 7 months, your mini adventurer will be ready to try more exciting combinations – including fish, rice and pasta.

Friends explorer

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

Introducing even more variety of flavours, your baby will be well on their way in establishing a life-long love of veggies!

Friends forever

Help them discover new flavours with Friends Fruit!

Our Friends fruit pouches are perfect for pud after a veggie pouch, or as a nutritious snack between meals. They’re made with 100% baby grade fruit and contain no added sugar, sweetener, artificial flavours or preservatives. And all this goodness is packaged up in handy on-the-go pouches for you to pop in your bag.

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