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When they're happy, you know it

When your baby’s happy on the inside, you see it on the outside. They’re up for fun and their personality shines through. Giving them everything they need means loads of love, care and a balanced weaning diet. Our Follow-On Milk can help too – it’s enriched with important nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamin D.

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Cow & Gate: feeding babies for over 100 years

Feeding babies for over 100 years

We’ve more than 100 years’ experience of creating high-quality milks for little ones, and we’re passionate about delivering the right nutrition to help them thrive.

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Can you play "If You're Happy and You Know It" to make our baby smile? Watch the demo, turn your speakers up, then try to repeat the sequence.

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As they do more, they need more

As they do more, they need more

From 6 months your baby will develop at an astonishing pace. As they get busier, their nutritional needs change too. To keep up with these growing needs, our Follow-On Milk is packed with key nutrients to support their development between 6 months and 1 year, as part of a varied diet.

As they do more, they need more
  • Iron to support normal cognitive development
  • Vitamin D for normal bone development
  • Nutritionally tailored for your baby up to 12 months

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Our careline are here 24/7'

We’re here 24/7

If there's anything you'd like to know about our baby milk and foods, or if you have any baby feeding questions, just get in touch.

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