Please read this important notice first

Please read this important notice first.

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Breastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits. If you are a breastfeeding mum or mum-to-be who’s planning on breastfeeding, it’s important that you eat a healthy, balanced diet. You should also be aware that combined breast and bottle feeding in the first weeks of life may reduce the supply of your own breastmilk, and reversing the decision not to breastfeed is difficult. The social and financial implications of using an infant milk should be considered. Improper use of an infant milk or inappropriate foods or feeding methods may present a health hazard, so if you decide to use an infant milk be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for use carefully. Failure to follow the instructions could make your baby ill. Always consult your doctor, midwife or health visitor for advice about feeding your baby.

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Follow-on Milk

Support your baby’s amazing development from 6–12 months with Cow & Gate Follow-on Milk.

Follow-on Milk

Support your baby’s amazing development from 6–12 months with Cow & Gate Follow-on Milk.

Goodness me!

At 6 months, your
baby will need
nearly as much

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in their diet as
their daddy*

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*Based on Reference Nutrient Intakes for iron of 7.8mg/day for infants aged 7–9 months and 8.7mg/day for adult males (19–50 years).

At around 6 months,
most babies are able to

CGB393 - Sitting up fact

on their own

CGB393 - Sitting up fact

Between 6–9 months,
most babies will be

follow on Milk crawling header

(in their own
unique way)

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follow on Milk Complete Care product

From 6–12 months, your little one’s development really moves up a gear. As their little personality starts emerging, they’ll go through a rapid stage of growth, meaning their nutritional needs change too.

So to help you keep up with their changing needs, Cow & Gate Follow-on Milk is enriched with nutrients.

Discover more nutritional and product information.

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