• Keep up with the milk – from 6 months, your baby needs 500-600ml of milk a day to make sure they aren’t going hungry.
  • Offer mini meals more than once a day
  • Remember it can take 8-10 tries before your little one learns to love a new food
  • Offer small amounts of food in your baby’s bowl and add more only if need be
  • Keep feeding them what they love, as well as new foods
  • Use either fresh or frozen fruit or veg
  • Adapt existing recipes to make them lumpier
  • Steam rather than boil veggies – it keeps the goodness in!
  • Remove seeds and stones to prevent choking
  • Make sure finger foods are soft and well-cooked



  • Mask the veggie taste by adding fruit or other sweet things
  • Mix savoury and sweet foods – let them understand the difference
  • Leave your baby alone when feeding
  • Reuse leftovers from the bowl as their saliva will have added germs into the mix
  • Worry if your baby is eating small amounts at first