• Set a good example and watch what you eat in front of your baby
  • Smile as you eat – even if you don’t like something. They understand your facial expressions!
  • Still repeat their old favourites, especially if they are struggling with new tastes and textures
  • Keep trying – it can take 8-10 tries before they learn to like something
  • Add spices and herbs for flavour, but go easy!
  • Keep hands and surfaces clean when preparing food
  • Cook all meat, fish and eggs thoroughly



  • Use processed meat like bacon, sausages or burgers – they could be full of preservatives and salt
  • Use raw fish and shellfish until your little one is a year old
  • Add stock or gravy to meals – they are packed with salt
  • Add salt, sugar or honey to your baby’s food (or let them see you adding it to yours!)
  • Give them too much cheese – there’s salt hiding in this too!
  • Worry if one day they accept something and the next they don’t – try something else and offer again in a few days.