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Introducing our new babies – 100% fruit pouches!

28th June 2013

It takes an incredible amount of time and care to produce the fruit that goes into our pouches. From choosing the right farms and carefully looking after our fruit trees, we ensure that only the best ends up in your little one’s tummy.
Discover more about the making of our 100% fruit pouches.

6 yummy flavours for the apple of your eye

With 6 different varieties to choose from, Cow & Gate 100% fruit pouches can help introduce a variety of tastes to your little one’s diet. Each pouch is made with 100% fruit with vitamin C – which means no added sugar or sweeteners or artificial flavourings and preservatives. With 1 portion of fruit per pouch*, they make great nutritious snacks and tasty puddings. If you’re planning on going out, just pop them in your bag for when hunger strikes!

Take a look at our 6 different varieties – which will be your little one’s favourite? *1 portion of fruit for a 1 year old is 40-80g

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