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Feeding babies for over 100 years

Did you know that Cow & Gate grew from humble beginnings as a small grocery shop? From apples to royalty, to American inventions and feeding millions of babies - it's a colourful story we're proud to call our history.


Humble beginnings

The Gates family proudly open a small grocery shop in Guildford at No. 20 High Street.

Humble Beginnings

Royal approval

Enterprising brothers Charles and Leonard Gates decide to go into dairy trade, naming their business 'The West Surrey Central Dairy'. They build their own creameries and sell their wares in little brown jugs featuring a picture of a cow looking through a gate.

Their best-selling fresh cream becomes known as the 'Cow & Gate' cream and is soon gracing the tables of royalty, with Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York all enjoying its yummy goodness.

Royal Approval


The Gates brothers invest in drying equipment from America to make use of skimmed milk left over from the creaming process. Lo and behold, it works! They start selling their powdered milk to the bakery and catering trade.


Giving babies a boost

Acting on reports from the Carnegie lab in New York, Dr Killick Millard, the medical officer for health in Leicester, begins his research into the health benefits of dried powdered milk to babies. He orders large quantities of milk powder from the West Surrey Central Dairy, meanwhile orders for powdered milk come flooding in from all over the country.

Giving babies a boost

Read all about it

The first advert for Cow & Gate baby milk appears in newspapers.

Read All about it


'Cow & Gate' is adopted as the company name. The first Cow & Gate baby book is published, aiming to help doctors and midwives provide up-to-date information on feeding to new mothers.


The 'royal baby' is born

Smiler, the Cow & Gate baby, starts to appear on product packaging and advertising. When a version of him wearing a crown appears, the slogan 'The food of royal babies' is adopted.


A bundle of joy

A Mrs. Miles from Huntingdon gives birth to quadruplets. Thanks to Frailac, Cow & Gate's new formula milk for premature babies, they thrive.


Funding expert care

Cow & Gate fund the opening of a new maternity and ante-natal clinic in Guildford. Queen Mary performs the opening.


Helping hand for hospitals

Cow & Gate begin the research and development of highly modified milks and launch a range of sterilised, ready-to-feed milks for hospitals.


Made in Ireland

A new factory manufacturing Cow & Gate formula milk opens in Wexford, Ireland.


First spoonfuls

Cow & Gate launch ready-to-feed milks in retail, as well as Olvarit - the first baby foods prepared from fresh ingredients.


We're here to help

The Cow & Gate Careline is launched, putting help and advice at mums’ fingertips.


More goodness added

GOS/FOS, natural ingredients of breast milk, are added to Cow & Gate milks.


EaZypack, a market first

EaZypack is launched, the first major packaging innovation in milks for decades, bringing greater accuracy and convenience to mums.

Cow & Gate Eazypack

Bringing Baby Balance

Cow & Gate launch Baby Balance, an exciting innovation in the baby food category.

Baby Balance cereals

A new look

The re-branded Cow & Gate is launched, featuring the new red heart to represent that mums and babies are at the heart of the brand. Cow & Gate nutritionists get together to create a free and easy-to-follow 5 Step Weaning Plan, guiding mums as they introduce their babies to solids.

Follow on milk pack and 5 step weaning plan

Cow & Gate today

We are now part of Group Danone – a company with a mission to deliver health through food to as many people as possible.

We are continuing to make high quality milks and foods for little ones and are passionate about providing the right nutrition to fuel their curiosity as they explore the world.

We've re-launched our baby club to provide dedicated advice and support for mums from pregnancy to parenthood and we’ll continue to support healthcare professionals in all aspects of baby feeding.

Cow & gate Today

Brand new packs, same product inside

New and improved packaging appears on supermarket shelves. Our updated look and feel makes it easier to find exactly what you're looking for at a glance.

While the outside of the pack gets a new look, the product inside remains the same - same taste, same nutrition.

Breastfeeding is best for your baby. Follow-On milk should only be used as part of a mixed diet and not as breast milk substitute before 6 month. Use on the advice of your healthcare professional.

Brand new packs, same product inside

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