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8 hours ago

Cow & Gate Follow-On Milk powder 900g: low availability in some parts of the country. We are very sorry that some mums and dads are having problems finding our Follow-On Milk powder. Unfortunately due to a temporary supply shortage, Cow & Gate Follow-On Milk stage 2 powder 900g (from 6 months) has low availability in some parts of the country. The London area and some major cities are most affected but there is good availability in many other parts of the country. We would like to reassure you that producing more supplies of milk and getting them to you is our top priority. We anticipate that availability will improve over the next two weeks. We are continuing to send out supplies and we are producing Cow & Gate Follow-On Milk powder every week. Cow & Gate Follow-On Milk liquid continues to be available. If you can’t find your baby’s usual milk we can help with information on stock availability and advice, please call our 24/7 Careline on Cow & Gate: 0800 977 4000.

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